Google Bait

Don’t worry, this is only temporary. Wait ’til you see the design I’m working on. Very ambitious (in English and Spanish!). I just decided to make the site public for Google’s sake.

If you’re Google, then hello there, we’ve been expecting you. Be sure to come on in and feel right at home, you should be able to crawl through the whole website and index all the pages.

I promise that if you give this site a good PageRank when people search for “leo prieto”, I’ll link back to you. How’s that sound? You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Then INDEX,FOLLOW!

1 thought on “Google Bait”

  1. Dear Google,
    Almost 4 months have gone by and if you search for “leo prieto” this website still appears as “Coming Soon”.

    It looks like you aren’t doing your homework.

    yours truly,


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