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global-voices.gifThis blog started in English, but since my readership grew from 10 daily visitors to more than a thousand — 60% of those coming from Chile — I never wrote a post in English again. I know this post will upset a few people — specially those who don’t understand English — but I’ve just been interviewed in English by Global Voices, so I thought it would be fitting to post about the interview in my own blog. In English. For those who’ve never heard of GlobalVoices, this is their own description:

Global Voices Online is a non-profit global citizens’ media project, sponsored by and launched from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the Harvard Law School.

No matter what country you’re from, the posts are always written for people who know little about the country in question (but obviously want to know more), with special emphasis on blogs, bloggers and bloggers’ rights. I had never realized how lucky we are in Chile. I can imagine China and probably even Saudi Arabia having problems with free speech and public opinion, but I had no idea Egypt was so intolerant to that as well.

Thank you Rosario for the interview!

14 thoughts on “Interviewed by Global Voices”

  1. he doesen’t surf the internet, he dives into it…
    eso lo dice todo me cague de risa…

    en todo caso no me esperaba nada muy distinto a leo hablando de blogs o de la blogosfera… igual interesante tu analizis


  2. Congratulations 🙂

    (Why don’t you translate the post to spanish?

    I think that a lot of people won’t understand this, and if you translate it i’ll we better for everyone.)

  3. Wachunei: Porque al final digo puras cosas que he dicho antes en español, solo que ahora están en inglés. 😉

    Wachunei: Because I’ve said all those things before in Spanish. Now the english-speaking crowd can get a chance to understand it. 😉

  4. Apoyo a wachunei…

    traduci el texto pero no se si dice lo que realmente quisiste decirrr…

    es terrible no saber ingles…

    ahora comprendo a mi madre cuando me decia que me estaba farreando el colegio, por ser britanico tenia que salir hablando ingles pero no paso nada de nada ..jajajaja

  5. No es tan terrible como para llegar a traducirla. A mi parecer es como una entrevista-crónica bien hecha sobre la historia de todas las anotaciones y debates que ha generado Leo en su propio blog.

    Felicitaciones por la entrevista, está muy buena!

  6. pff si se calientan tanto por el idioma pasenlo por el google… (puedo hacer un comentario soberbio y en mala??)
    muchos wones se quejan que n osaben ingles que es el idioma del futuro y blablabla y que wea hacen se echan de guata

    no hay mano jaja

  7. but, I mean this post, give a chance to the spanish-speaking guys to understand what are we understanding. (I would like to learn english perfectly :P)


  9. Nice interview Leo. It’s good to see some “spanglish” here too. I think it definitly improves the approach on ITC’s for us spanish speakers so this is good encouraging to start english lessons!

  10. Muy buena la entrevista…
    Espero haya muchos más como tú (me incluyo)
    Gracias por los momentos de entretencion que nos proporcionas gracias a tus blogs
    se despide
    un fiel lector.

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