Why I’m going to start posting more things in English.

This blog is going to turn 20 years old on April 1st of this year* and I’ve been collecting more and more ideas of things I want to write about, so I’m going to start doing just that.

For the first year of this blog, all my posts were in English as that was my first language growing up and it’s the unofficially official language of the Internet, but in 2004 I was interviewed on national TV in Chile and that brought lots of new visitors to my blog and most of them did not understand why I was posting in English (this was two years before Google Translate existed), so I announced that I would start posting in Spanish — and for the next 19 years I did almost exclusively that.

Yet I realize that I continue to do most of my writing in English, all my business plans and presentations for my startups are in English, I still think mainly in English and whenever I talk about things I’m passionate about I always end up going back to that same language, especially when I speak with my wife and sisters (plus today we have Google Translate for anyone needing a different language).

So I’m going to start posting more in English, and if anyone needs to know why, this is why — echoing the same title I used in 2004 when I made that post about writing in Spanish (although today I would rarely write a title in ALL CAPS and with an exclamation mark!).

Let the games begin! 😉

Yeah, I know, cue all the “time flies” comments, which I guess at least means that we’ve been having fun!