Back in Zapallar, Chile

A week turned into a month and now I’ve decided to stay in Chile until the end of the year. The spring is just starting over here, so I moved back to the beach town of Zapallar. I’m starting to catch up with work just now. On the bright side of news I’ve just been commissioned to do the website for the Chilean Museum of Precolombian Art.


In just 5 days I built SPOON.CL. It took me another week to conceptualize and model it. It is far from finished and I plan to constantly improve and retouch it, but at least it is 100% functional and ready to use. I really need feedback (even at this early stage) so just jump to the bottom and SPEAK UP!

NYC Blackout!

Just lost 2 days of work because of the massive blackout. It caught me in the Subway. 2 hours underground, 1 hour inside the car and another hour escaping through the tracks. An amazing adventure, it’s sad I didn’t have my camera with me. I had to walk, through the tracks, with some other 200 people from 4th Street station to Broadway (F line). Unbelievable. The city that never sleeps had one long nap.

Leo in London

I’ve been in London for the past couple of days, but as soon as I got here, my PowerBook wouldn’t power up. After a quick visit to an AppleCare the problem was fixed. So I’m back on track now. Planning to stay in London for at least 15 days. After that, off to Paris.

Still giving the final polishing touches to TWIST Films, but I believe it is complete. Also working for Muaythai (my first northamerican client), Mutante Discos, ELEMENTAL, and of course CHC and Being a Being.

My mobile phone number in the UK (and for all of Europe) is: +44-7818246154.

DJ FOOD in Santiago (from New York)

I’m liking New York more and more each day. I changed my plans a bit, and I’m leaving to London on Wednesday (July 2nd), then coming back to New York around the 15th of August. So newyorkers will have to wait a bit to have me back.

For everyone who’s down in Chile, today is the DJ FOOD event. Starts at midnight, in Centro de Eventos Bellavista (Ex-OZ), the price is Ch$14,000. Don’t miss it.