Being a Being and CHC

We’ve been doing a project called Being a Being, with my good friend Sebastian Silva for almost a year now. Just finished polishing version 2.0 and filled it with new content, including a mini-site for CHC (his hippie hop group together with Pedro Subercaseaux and Gabriel Diaz), where you can download MP3s and lyrics to sing along.

Talking about CHC, the CDs are just out of the printers, I’ll upload some pictures as soon as I get my hands on one.

Happy Birthday Fran V!

New SPOON.CL Coming Soon!

I’ve started planning a new version of SPOON.CL that should be online in the next few weeks. Come back soon to check out the update. It’ll be worthwhile, and I promise to include as much work as possible from 1995 to 1999. As some of you might know, I lost it all (PowerBook, cellphone, mini-disc, backups, etc.), back in December.


I’ve been comissioned by a team made up of architects from Harvard University (USA) and Universidad Catolica (Chile), to create the website of a social housing world contest, called ELEMENTAL, to be held in 2003.